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For us all to live in a space where your income, your race, your public school, your neighborhood, your air quality, your orientation, your spirituality, and your very identity do not determine your treatment, your life, and your livelihood by the criminal and civil legal systems in Ohio.


Uplift and amplify the voices of impacted families to transform the criminal and civil justice landscape in Ohio within one generation. 


OFUPAC is the action fund associated with Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality (OFUAPB), a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Sabrina Jordan, who lost her son to police brutality in 2017. After the tragic loss of her son, Ms. Jordan began the ongoing work to unite the over 1,000 families in Ohio since 2000 who have lost loved ones to police abuse, creating a connected space for support, healing, and action. OFUAPB was founded to create and provide a space for families to grieve, develop and control their own platform for grief and advocacy, rather than being manipulated by exterior organizations.


Recognizing that police brutality was a pillar in the broader inequitable criminal and legal systems here in Ohio, Ms. Jordan and other directly-impacted families partnered with others working in these spaces to launch broader boots on the ground work to activate true transformative justice — Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change (OFUPAC), formed in fall 2021.


OFUPAC builds and harnesses the political power of impacted families across Ohio, providing them with a space to leverage their power and drive policy to enact lasting change. Our mission is to end state violence against communities in Ohio by uplifting and amplifying the voices of impacted families to transform the criminal and civil justice landscape in Ohio. 


We do this by engaging in effective public advocacy, legislative outreach, and public education activities. We center the voices of those most impacted by systemic racism, oppression, police violence, and systemic violence in the criminal and civil legal systems. OFUPAC holds space, organizes, and mobilizes those directly impacted by police brutality, the carceral system, and the juvenile justice system, to respond to immediate and emergent threats to our lives and our humanity.

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