Board of Directors

Sabrina Jordan


Sabrina Jordan was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio as the only child to a single mother. Sabrina grew up on the westside of Dayton and attended Dayton Public Schools. After high school, she attended Sinclair Community College and obtained an associate of applied science degree in the Mental Health Program.

In 1996 Sabrina moved to Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and four children. She began volunteer at the Atlanta Mission Shelter while working as a food and beverage manager for Marriott Hotels. After a year of volunteer service with the shelter, she was offered an opportunity to work for the End Family Violence Network program. The mission of this program was to end domestic violence and abuse against women. Sabrina remained with this organization for three years before moving back home to Dayton, Ohio where she returned to work with the Marriott Hotel.

Five years later, Sabrina’s 22-year-old son Jamal McShann was killed due to gun violence which is how she began working for The Adam Project. Reverend Jerome McCorry reached out to Sabrina and her family during the most difficult time in their lives and offered Sabrina a position at the Adam Project working with clients preparing for re-entry. After experiencing the hands-on work with these clients, she began to feel life again, and fell in love with re-entry program. Sabrina fell back in love with the community and focused on helping former felons become productive members of the community. Sabrina believes that not all people who have done bad things are bad people. She believes that people make bad decisions when they are desperate, which lead to desperate acts.

Sabrina implemented her own grassroots organization, Breaking the Cycle (BTC). BTC began its own re-entry program and held a series of community events every month known as Love Thy Neighbor Days. On Love Thy Neighbor Days, BTC members went to low-income neighborhoods to provide free meals, clothing, and childcare.

In 2017, Sabrina’s 23-year-old son, Jamarco McShann, was shot and killed by local police. This event sprung Sabrina into action which led to the founding of Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality (OFUAPB). OFUAPB aims to end police brutality and gun violence to ensure that other families do not have to experience the trauma that she and others have had to endure.

Dion Green

Board Director

Mr. Dion Green is the Founder/CEO of Flourishing Under Distress Given Encouragement (FUDGE) a 501c3 nonprofit that helps survivors through traumatic experiences with resources and support. The FUDGE Foundation seeks to support individuals on their journey of grief and healing from traumatic events through the delivery of support service and advocacy at both a local and national level.

Mr. Green has his MBA from Keller’s Graduate School in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship, and a Bachelor of Science from DeVry University in Business Administration. Mr. Green is a Certified Peer Support Specialist with the State of Ohio.

Mr. Green is a survivor, overcoming many personal obstacles and showing others how they can survive too. He is an advocate on gun violence, mental health, and gun legislation which was inspired by the mass shooting that occurred in Dayton, Ohio in August of 2019, which claimed his father’s life and many other innocent victims. Dion speaks around the country and in the communities that have been impacted by gun violence. In addition to his Foundation, Gun Legislation Advocacy service, and Gun Rally participation, he serves on the Board of Felons with a Future, Upturn Ohio and numerous other community initiatives and support networks across the country.

Mr. Green is a published author of a memoir, Untitled Act of God/Act of Man sharing his tragedies and demonstrating a sense of resilience through his journey by forgiving and giving back to his community.

Mr. Green is a 2021 graduate of Leadership Ohio which was the second largest class in the programs history and was compromised of accomplished professionals from the private sector, government, and non-profit areas.

Mr. Green is the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions from local officials and Governors. Mr. Green was nominated and awarded twice by The Dayton Daily News as a 2021 Community Gem, a recognition for his continued work to the Dayton Community and surrounding areas. The articles are noteworthy of the work that Mr. Green does for his community. He works tirelessly to help communities heal. In addition, Mr. Green was is a recipient of the Coretta Scott King Legacy Award presented by the Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom in April, 2022.

Mr. Green is a mentor, leader and change agent for the community. His leadership reigns throughout the community and beyond. He remains dedicated to working with people from a variety of backgrounds and enhancing the community.

Vicki Prunty

Board Director

Vicki Prunty graduated from Orrville High School in 1993 and raised two children in Wayne County. Vicki earned a B.A. in philosophy (social and political) in 2014. In 2018, she received a Master's degree in Public Administration, Urban Studies, and Nonprofit Management, both from the University of Akron.

Vicki has been a human rights activist, community organizer, and fundraiser for more than a decade. Equal treatment of all people, regardless of their ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, sex, sexual orientation, size, or ability, and reduced government interference in our personal lives have been the focus in their professional and personal lives. 

Vicki has organized, raised, and managed multiple nonprofit campaigns in excess of $650,000. In 2014, they worked for Orrville Area United Way while attending graduate school. They then work for Kimberly Woods and Associates, raising campaign funds for Sherrod Brown and Alison Lundergan Grimes. Working with and for a broad range of organizations, from grassroots to corporate, gives them a unique perspective.

Most recently, they have been working with the families of victims of police violence to bring meaningful and lasting change through service to grassroots organizations that center around and are managed by the people they serve throughout Ohio and the United States.

Vicki's biggest strength is integrity and candor. Vicki is also an artist and a minister.



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