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Don’t be fooled into giving away your rights and power — vote NO on Issue 1!

On August 8, Ohioans will go to the polls to vote on Issue 1 – a constitutional amendment that would make it all but impossible for citizens to put initiatives on the ballot in the future. Don’t be fooled into giving away your rights and power – vote against Issue 1!


Since 1912, Ohioans have had the right to bring issues to the ballot and have a direct say in our government — but today, that right is in jeopardy. Out-of-state special interests lobbied to create this August 8th special election, just so they can permanently rig Ohio’s constitution in their favor, ending majority rule as we know it.


It would destroy the sacred principle of “one person one vote” by allowing a small group of voters to make decisions for everyone else. It’s a special election for special interests.


We all want the freedom to make decisions that affect our lives. But politicians and special interests don’t like the decisions we’ve made, and unless we vote NO on August 8th they will rewrite the rules to give themselves even more power.

Plan to vote: Request an Absentee Ballot
You have two options:

  • Print your request and mail it to your county Board of Elections. Fill out an absentee ballot application online and download the PDF and print from your printer.

  • Have an application mailed to you by your Board of Elections. Call your Board of Elections to request an application.

Find Your Early Voting Location

  • Registered voters may cast an early in-person ballot at their county board of elections. Click here to find the early in-person voting location in your county.

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