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End Police Brutality



Justice for Ta'Kiya.


Justice for Jamie. 


Justice for Antwan Lindsey, Abdisamad Ismail, Jeffrey Neff, Antonio Lewis, Michael Craddock, Jameson Turnbull, Fred Wild III, Pamela Croston, Victory Lykins, Bret Andrews, William E. Beach Jr., Joseph Frasure Jr., and Jason Means. These are just some of the lives lost in Ohio in 2023 to police violence. 


While we wait for the storytelling of why officers again felt the need to become judge, jury, and executioner to our neighbors on Ohio streets, the families impacted by police violence of Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality stand in support of those who are newly joining our ranks. 


“I’m angry and sad that our so-called peace officers continue to kill. But what hurts even more is that our community is starting to view this as normal,” said Sabrina Jordan, founder and President of Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality and mother of Jamarco McShann who was killed by Moraine Police Department in 2017. “I pray that our communities don’t give up, because we will never give up on you. Prayers to all the families who are struggling, who have lost loved ones by the hands of corrupt officers.” 


“I am sorry for the families that continue to have to relive their trauma each time there’s a shooting,” said Adrienne Hood, Vice Chair of OFUAPB and mother of Henry Green V, killed by Columbus Police Department in 2016. “My prayers are with the families, because I know the uphill battles they face to humanize and fight for their loved one. The court of public opinion is often used by law enforcement and public officials to create a narrative before there is evidence that corroborates one side or the other.” 


“Every time a Black or brown person is killed by police, it takes a piece of me. My brother Craig was killed twenty one years ago by Cleveland police,” said Brenda Bickerstaff, sister of Craig Bickerstaff, who was killed by Cleveland Police Department in 2002. “The time is now to end qualified immunity in order to save Black and brown lives.”


“My heart goes out to the mother, father, and families that just lost their loved ones days ago and hours ago,” said Alicia Kirkman, founder and CEO of the Angelo Miller Foundation and mother of Angelo Miller, killed by Cleveland Police in 2007. “My son and our family did not receive any accountability for his murder. I can’t continue to watch my sisters and brothers and children continue to get gunned down by untrained officers. When are we going to be treated like humans? We are treated like our life and our loved one’s life doesn’t even matter. Every time the police murder all it does is continually keep my broken heart from healing. I hope the families in Columbus, Ohio receive accountability and transparency. And I am definitely here for them.”


“We demand accountability for the reckless endangerment our families and neighborhoods face every time an officer unholsters their weapon,” said Emily Cole, executive director of OFUPAC. “All Ohioans deserve to feel safe in grocery store parking lots, on our neighborhood streets, and going to and from our local schools. And we deserve transparency and accountability whenever a law enforcement officer discharges their weapon.” 


“We are praying for the families of the victims,” said Aldelphia Saunders, mother of Donald Saunders, killed by Dayton Police Department in 2020. “Only time will help your pain. God bless you.”


Hear more personal stories from the families who lead us: Chante Myles-Norvell, Emmanuel Franklin, Aldelphia Saunders


Ohioans lost to police brutality in 2022 include:


James Williams, killed in Canton. Dustin Booth, killed in Monroe. Lawrence LeJames Rodgers, killed in Akron. James Sheets, killed in Youngstown. David L. Ward, Jr., killed in Ashtabula. Alonzo Nesby, killed in Huber Heights. Naimo Mahdi Abdirahman, killed in Columbus. Elijah Isham, killed in Moraine. Cora Baughman, killed in Windham Township. Devon Lee Taylor, killed in Beverly. Camille Weems, killed in Milford. Datwuan Catchings, killed in Cleveland. Matthew Todhunter, killed in Marysville. Desmond Eskridge, killed in Cleveland. Pozz Striblin, killed in Columbus. Quincy J. Pritchett, killed in Lima. Joy Taylor-Graham, killed in Lore City. Jayland Walker, killed in Akron. Thomas Cromwell, killed in Mason. Mark Evers, killed in Clearcreek. Richard Jean Poulin, killed in Hillsboro. Imonie Hackett, killed in Austintown. Leonard Brewington, killed in Madisonville. Cole White, killed in South Charleston. Charles White, killed in Lorain. Ricky Shiffer, killed in Chester Township. Bradley and Randy Wilhelm, killed in Mount Vernon. Elizabeth Delano, killed in Butler Township. Donovan Lewis, killed in Columbus. Maalik Roquemore, killed in Cleveland. Everett M. Martin, killed in Mineral City. Jeremy McCracken, killed in Springfield. Christopher Allen Boggess, killed in Lorain. Stephaun Jones, killed in Fairfield Township. Prince Jones, killed in Toledo. Nicholas Mitchell, killed in Chillicothe. David Orlando Gomez, killed in Columbus. Sean Michael Hinton, killed in Powell. Travis Wayne Hellinger, killed in La Rue. Todd Jordan, killed in Sidney. Zachary Zoran, killed in Barberton.


Ohioans lost to police brutality in 2021 include:


Vincent Belmonte, killed in Cleveland. Junius Thomas, killed in Liberty Township. Christopher Harris, killed in Toledo. Jordan Garrett Suydam, killed in Columbus. Shawn Antoine Crenshaw, Jr., killed in Cleveland. Andrew Hogan, killed in Trotwood. Darius Shackleford, killed in Youngstown. Cortez Lee Bogan, killed in East Cleveland. William Joseph Thomas, killed in Dayton. Andrew Eugene Teague, killed in Columbus. Randy Heater, killed in Shelby. Benjamin Price Cotton, killed in Dayton. Ari'onna Nevaeh Taylor, killed in Peninsula. Ramon Smith, killed in Peninsula. Kevin Duncan, killed in Bellefontaine. Nasir Devon Islam, killed in Toledo. Eduardo Parra, killed in Sylvania Township. Alexander Lara, killed in Loveland. Aaron Pierre Thomas, killed in Canton. Chelsey Vollmer, killed in Huber Heights. Jalen T. Alexander, killed in Huber Heights. Douglas Barton, killed in Springfield. Miles Jackson, killed in Westerville. Innes Lee Jr., killed in Cleveland. Ma'Khia Bryant, killed in Columbus. Anthony Williams, killed in Loveland. David O'Donnell Reagan, killed in Cambridge. Eric Eugene Cole Jr., killed in Springfield. Kevin Giesel, killed in Parma. Tony Robert Hall Jr., killed in Harrison. Richard Gaines, killed in Cleveland. Matthew Morse, killed in Ravenna. Michael David Clifton, killed in Toledo. Darrick Roosevelt Charley Lee, killed in East Cleveland. Yvette C. Smith, killed in Finneytown. Kevlin Wallace, killed in Riverside. Michael Whitmer, killed in Nelsonville. James Haynes, killed in Mansfield. Chad Rammel, killed in Celina. Sean Rowe, killed in Mansfield. Steven Robert Johnson, killed in Defiance. Fredrick A. Thomas, killed in Miamisburg. Name withheld by police, killed in Cleveland. Luke J. Longeretta, killed in Coshocton. Kyle Anthony Veyon, killed in Columbus. Jason Metcalfe, killed in Clark Township. Paula Kennedy, killed in Blacklick Estates. Kemarr "Marr-Marr" Thomas, killed in Toledo. Robert Neibarger, killed in Mansfield. Scott S. Wright, killed in Painesville. Marva Ilene Ackles, killed in Lima. Sally Bay Schultz, killed in Solon. Donta R. Stewart, killed in Columbus. Patrick Horton, killed in Cleveland. William Gardner, killed in Dayton. Brennan Love Ball, killed in Cincinnati. James W. Gross, killed in Akron. 


Ohioans lost to police brutality in 2020 include:


Shannon E. Currier, killed in Gahanna. Joshua Franklin Roberts, killed in Powhatan. Joshua James Brown, killed in Columbus. Chad E. Nicolia, killed in Hockingport. Abdirahman Salad, killed in Columbus. Rolando Rosales, killed in Toledo. Paul Coteat, killed in Akron. Joseph C. Jewell III, killed in Columbus. William G. Resto, killed in Sylvania Township. Andre Simpson, killed in Cincinnati. Tyler M. Jones, killed in Fairfield. Gary Brown, killed in Northridge. Todd Gauntner, killed in Euclid. Desmond Franklin, killed in Cleveland. Alexander Charles Huckleberry, killed in Forest Park. Robert Tincher, killed in Union Township. John A. Vik, killed in Parma. Sarah Grossman, killed in Columbus. Earnest Mitchell, killed in Cleveland. Chris Takam, killed in Batavia. Rodnesha Thompson, killed in Northridge. James Tober Sr., killed in Kettering. Edward Henry, killed in Toledo. Jesse Wayne Meyers, killed in Middletown. Terena Nicole Thurman, killed in Dayton. Raephael A. Dell, killed in Celina. William Sears, killed in Brunswick. Rex Sturgill, killed in Ashtabula. David Lee Rigg, killed in Warren. Charles Pierre-Louis Jr., killed in Avon. Tristan James Taylor, killed in Medway. Harold Myers, killed in Xenia. Scott D. Dingess, killed in Cleveland. Akhir J. Burhan, killed in Alliance. Craig L. Hottinger, killed in Marion. Andrew Flynn, killed in Newbury Township. D'Oro R. McKinney, killed in Akron. Joseph Stanley, killed in Loudonville. Rodney Arnez Barnes, killed in Elmwood Place. Timothy D. McGlocklin, killed in Lakeview. Nicholas Scott Pearson, killed in Moraine. Douglas E. Rash, killed in Jefferson. Arthur Keith, killed in Cleveland. Craig Steven Wright, killed in Mansfield. Casey Christopher Goodson, Jr., killed in Columbus. Kwamaine O'Neal, killed in Toledo. Donald Edwin Saunders, killed in Dayton. Andre Maurice Hill, killed in Columbus.


Ohioans lost to police brutality in 2019 include:


Ja'Ron Nero, killed in Canton. Matthew Burroughs, killed in Niles. Misty Sorrell, killed in Franklin. Kevin R. Wood, killed in Fairfield. Charles L. Cook, killed in Barberton. Alex Johnson, killed in Defiance. Helen Kimball, killed in Pleasant Township. Arthur L. Smith III, killed in Groveport. Brandon Schmitt, killed in Struthers. Kyren Wright, killed in Trotwood. Mya'nie Nabors, killed in Trotwood. Christopher Lee Baker II, killed in Trotwood. Michael P. O'Hara, killed in Canfield. Michael Dufresne, killed in Cincinnati. Kenneth Cherry, killed in Mansfield. Daral Hall, killed in Columbus. Tavares Norris, killed in Sharon. Steven Sisler, killed in Toledo. Shawn Guillereault, killed in Medina. Gabriel Mayberry, killed in Canal Fulton. Akil Scott Jackson, killed in Akron. Dewayne Tackett, killed in Ashville. Michael Allen Spencer, killed in Springfield. Elijah Collins III, killed in Sugarcreek. Isaiah Robinson, killed in Elyria. Shawn Toney, killed in Cleveland. Charity Hlovac, killed in Ashland. Richard Schneider, killed in Westwood. Robert Schneider, killed in Westwood. Connor Betts, killed in Dayton. Michael Tyree Tuck, killed in Dayton. Eleanor Grace McBride, killed in Dayton. Penelope Juniper Jasko, killed in Dayton. Marvin Caesar Thornton, killed in Cleveland. Terry R. Pierce, Jr., killed in Convoy. Tasjon Tyreek Osbourne, killed in Columbus. Shane C. Iams, killed in London. Devaughn Payne, killed in Cleveland. Brandon D. Carter, killed in Waverly. John Michael Reese, killed in Dayton. Jeffrey Binder, killed in Zanesville. Johnell Smith, killed in Euclid. Vernon Hayes Jr., killed in Euclid. Joseph Bernhard-William Kiser, killed in Dayton. Erik Evans, killed in Dayton. Maurice Brown, killed in Cleveland. Christopher Mills, killed in Ashtabula. Guy Barnard, killed in Wadsworth. Mark Sheppard, killed in Cleveland. Robert Stanley Sikon III, killed in Carrollton. Micduff Lamarco Robinson, killed in Mansfield. Audreyona Mariea Ward, killed in Youngstown. Jasper Wells Jr., killed in Youngstown. Tayler R. Fowler, killed in Chillicothe. Natalie Nutter, killed in Logan. Kevin Nutter, killed in Logan. Josh McLaughlin, killed in Hillsboro. Donald Allen Young, killed in Bellevue. Mark A. Molinski, killed in Columbus. Mohammad Jamal Isaifan, killed in Akron. Adam Shriver, killed in Willoughby. Tamia Chappman, killed in East Cleveland. Troy Kirk, killed in Lancaster.


Ohioans lost to police brutality in 2018 include:


Ledarren D. Mixon, killed in Whitehall. Amanuel Dagebo, killed in Columbus. Thomas Yatsko, killed in Cleveland. Joseph Edward Haynes, killed in Columbus. William M. McCullough, killed in Massillon. James M. Burks, killed in Piketon. Steven Tyler Reed, killed in Columbus. Tavyona R. Walton, killed in Cleveland. Ashton J. Rushton, killed in Cleveland. Aaron Clifford Fike, killed in Tiro. Kaitlin Marie Demeo, killed in Columbus. William Richard Burgess Jr., killed in Oregon. Kimberly Jean Snavely, killed in Oregon. Keith Conley, killed in Springdale. Abadi Gebregziber, killed in Columbus. Mitchell Simmons, killed in Dayton. Dwight Dearth, killed in Fairview. Crystal Kimberly Moore, killed in Findlay. Darrel J. Bruffy, killed in Columbus. Kevin Nickle, killed in Martins Ferry. Corey Allen Cordova, killed in Columbus. Brett Luengo, killed in Cleveland. Brian Puskas, killed in Sunbury. Leslye Lanetta Townsend, killed in Toledo. Barry Wayne Leeth, killed in Piketon. David B. Arthur, killed in Piketon. Sharon McCleary, killed in Trenton. Ryan Angerstien, killed in Akron. Jonathan Legg, killed in Parma Heights. Logan A. Williamson, killed in Fairfield. Michelle R. Henry, killed in Fairfield. Ebony Radord, killed in Dayton. Dale Slocum, killed in Toledo. Ashley Marie Martin, killed in Cleveland. Antonio Eugene Whitley, killed in Cleveland. Lamar Richardson, killed in Toledo. Michael Warn, killed in Beachwood. Mark Warn, killed in Beachwood. Montae D. Shackleford, killed in Columbus. Robert J. Talbert, killed in Akron. Kayleigh Hustosky, killed in Painesville. Donna Dalton Castleberry, killed in Columbus. James Clay, killed in Cincinnati. Trent Stephens Harper, killed in Perrysburg. Ryan E. Yesberger, killed in Peninsula. Randall J. McKenzie, killed in Madison Township. Bruce G. Hodgkin II, killed in Hamilton. Omar Enrique Santa Perez, killed in Cincinnati. Mary Taulbee, killed in Miami Township. Dennis Lynn Lambert, killed in Columbus. Robert Jones Jr., killed in Parma. Myah Lee Jones, killed in Parma. Eric Jamar Lupain Stromer, killed in Jeffersonville. Hustes Antonio Davila, killed in Columbus. Donald Bugg, killed in Columbus. James Johnson, killed in Dayton. Matthew Scott Stuard, killed in Findlay. Juan V. Palacios, killed in Findlay. Leonard James Guy Jr., killed in Dayton. Billy G. Heeter, killed in Columbus. Daniel Calala, killed in Wellington. Julius Ervin Tate Jr., killed in Columbus. Olivia Shanette Collins, killed in Columbus. Rojer Lemus, killed in Commercial Point. Yoni Cruz Martinez, killed in Commercial Point. Tabaughn Collins, killed in Columbus. Stacey R. McGinnis, killed in Akron. Brian Hawks, killed in Cincinnati. Rodney J. Geiser, killed in Apple Creek. Damon Barstad, killed in Toledo.


Ohioans lost to police brutality in 2017 include:


John Charles McLaughlin, killed in Cincinnati. Taylor Duvall, killed in Youngstown. Mario Walker, killed in Cleveland. Allen J. Foster, killed in Moraine. William A. Brigham, killed in Groveport. David Michael Lewandowski, killed in Newark. Elizabeth Tate Barnhart Lewandowski, killed in Newark. Shelly Porter III, killed in Englewood. Richard Latimer, killed in Warren. Vincent D. Palma, killed in Geneva. Michael Lee Morris, killed in Columbus. Christopher Carter, killed in Kent. Jimmie Patton, killed in Columbus. Roy Dale Evans Jr., killed in Strongsville. Luke O. Stewart, killed in Euclid. Anthony Hufford, killed in Dayton. Christopher Wade, killed in Westerville. Benjamin Ailstock, killed in Madison. Jeffrey James Findlay, killed in Cleveland. Frederick H. Hall, killed in Orwell. Michael Wilson-Salzl, killed in Hamilton. Jason Thomas Christian, killed in Columbus. Scott Bloomfield, killed in Tiffin. Thomas Harry Hartless, killed in Kirkersville. Marlina A. Medrano, killed in Kirkersville. Cindy J. Krantz, killed in Kirkersville. Jared J. Haskins, killed in Bluffton. Hayden J. Stutz, killed in Canton. Steven Lee Mango, killed in Youngstown. Mark Raymond Tillman, killed in Toledo. Jacob Faulkner, killed in Hamilton. Dana Dubose, killed in Vandalia. Edward Earl Taylor, killed in Akron. Ryan Allen Probst, killed in Uniontown. Kareem Ali Nadir Jones, killed in Franklinton. David Lee Bush, killed in Columbus. Ke'Sharn K. Burney, killed in Dayton. Keith Burkholder, killed in Lima. Timmy Wilson, killed in New Straitsville. John V. Bowen III, killed in Akron. Jeffrey Schindler, killed in Amherst. Nathaniel Richmond, killed in Steubenville. Xavier McMullen, killed in Akron. Jason Hoops, killed in Kettering. William Porubsky, killed in Akron. Shane Marsh, killed in Toledo. Gabriele William Benter, killed in Maple Heights. Marco Gomez Jr., killed in Ontario. Jermaine Jaquill Tucker, killed in Cincinnati. John Carlos Edwards, killed in Cincinnati. Mussah George Pierre Jr., killed in Cincinnati. Antonio Laffette Ponyard Jr., killed in Broadview Heights. Johnigan Reeves, killed in Broadview Heights. Jamarco McShann, killed in Moraine. Jason Daniel Marble, killed in Girard. Tommie Griffin III, killed in Cleveland. Antonio Levison, killed in Cleveland. Ronald Foster, killed in Cincinnati. Donnie Jamal Thomas, killed in Brooklyn Heights. Robert Edwards, killed in Miamisburg. Isaiah Currie, killed in Cincinnati. Terrance Michael Balo, killed in Hebron. 


Ohioans lost to police brutality in 2016 include:


Kenneth Flemming, killed in Liberty Township. Robert Tenbrink, killed in Cincinnati. Kenyon J. Hipps, killed in Dayton. Thomas Hirko, killed in Perry. Stephen C. Davis, killed in Kenton. Marese Vince Collins, killed in Columbus. Mohamed Barry, killed in Columbus. Paul Gaston, killed in Cincinnati. Rouven Loch, killed in Fairborn. David Gillispie, killed in Spencerville. Marvin Cremeans, killed in Oak Hill. James Smith Jr., killed in East Cleveland. Hollis "Mario" Daryl Crump Sr., killed in East Cleveland. Kisha Arrone, killed in Dayton. Terry Frost III, killed in Cincinnati. Henry Green V, killed in Columbus. John Michael Anderson, killed in Montpelier. Roleigh "RJ" Culver, killed in Warren. Kawme D. Patrick, killed in Columbus. Jawari Porter, killed in Cincinnati. Ronald Smith, killed in Mount Sterling. Michael Scott Martin, killed in Rome. Romero Brown, killed in Cleveland. Karl Adkins, killed in Brook Park. Kelley Brandon Forte, killed in Hamilton. Mark Johnson, killed in Newark. Ed Holup, killed in Toledo. Douglas Kapel, killed in Port Clinton. Robert Waltzer, killed in Twinsburg. Tyre King, killed in Columbus. Philip Hasan, killed in Akron. Clarence Sanford, killed in Englewood. Jacquarius M. Robinson, killed in Columbus. Shawn Anthony Johnson, killed in Mansfield. Devan Desnoyers, killed in Westlake. Frank Sandor, killed in Willoughby. Jun Wang, killed in North Royalton. Ashley Sides, killed in Brookville. Evan Cox, killed in Ashtabula. Omar Alshammary, killed in Delaware. Abdul Razak Ali Artan, killed in Columbus. Saif Nasser Mubarak Al Ameri, killed in Hudson. 


Ohioans lost to police brutality in 2015 include:


Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed, killed in Columbus. James G. Caffrey, killed in Shaker Heights. Jermonte Fletcher, killed in Columbus. Matthew Leon Thompson, killed in Winesburg. Tracy Lee Potter, killed in Fostoria. Theodore Johnson, killed in Cleveland. Terrance Moxley, killed in Mansfield. Michael David Winston, killed in Cleveland. Adam Jovicic, killed in Munroe Falls. Brandon Jones, killed in Cleveland. Jason Lee Smith, killed in Columbus. Robert Rooker, killed in Peebles. David "Levi" Dehmann, killed in Mount Vernon. David Parker, killed in Mansfield. Jonathan Colley, killed in Uniontown. Nicholas Raymond Zaenglein, killed in Lorain. Clarissa Eileen Smith, killed in Springfield. Jeremy Linhart, killed in Findlay. QuanDavier Hicks, killed in Cincinnati. James Payne Jr., killed in Clayton. Trepierre Hummons, killed in Cincinnati. Kimoni Calvon "Kodak" Davis, killed in Chesapeake. Airshaan D. Warren, killed in Chesapeake. Nyal "Bud" Brown, killed in Columbus. Charles Crandall, killed in Southington. Samuel DuBose, killed in Cincinnati. Nadia N. Campbell, killed in Streetsboro. Dontae L. Martin, killed in Dayton. Reginald Marshall, killed in Toledo. Terelle Lashawn Wagner, killed in Cleveland. Tyler James Gerken, killed in Beverly. Devon Daune Abbott, killed in Iberia. James Carney III, killed in Cincinnati. Charles Robert Shaw, killed in Twinsburg. Melvin Murray Jr., killed in Cincinnati. Jordn Miller, killed in Akron. Omar Ali, killed in Akron. William Lemmon, killed in Akron. Christopher Kimble, killed in East Cleveland. Michael Brennan, killed in Cleveland. Kaleb Alexander, killed in Columbus. Shannon Gonzalez, killed in Springfield. Arthur W. West Jr., killed in Zanesville. Deaunte Lamar Bell, killed in Columbus. Barry Kirk, killed in Columbus. Justin D. McHenry, killed in Celina. Jason Brady, killed in Waverly. Carlumandarlo Zaramo, killed in Richmond Heights. Derek Stokes, killed in Cleveland. Douglas Yon, killed in Kent. Erica Lauro, killed in Northwood. Ryan W. Perkins, killed in Akron. 

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