Send a message to your State Legislators!

Ohioan's ability to hold our government and our legislators accountable — our ability to have a voice in our democracy — lies in our right to amend the state constitution. HJR6 is a direct assault on that right, effectively stripping us of our voice.

HJR6, proposed by Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Rep. Brian Stewart, would raise the threshold to pass Constitutional Amendments on the ballot from a simple majority (50% plus one), to a super majority (60%) — meaning that an already difficult process would be rendered nearly impossible.

By passing a joint resolution during a lame-duck session, this proposal is a clear power-grab by legislators who have continuously demonstrated their disinterest in honest and trustworthy governing. Send a message to your State Legislators DEMANDING that they stop HJR6 in its tracks!

Ohio Families United for Political Action and Change