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TAKE ACTION: Stand Against Brian Stewart’s Modern Day 3/5ths Compromise

Representative Brian Stewart has consistently demonstrated a lack of respect for the people of Ohio, treating us as less than human. As the chief architect of HJR 1, he has created what can be seen as a modern-day 3/5ths Compromise.


During the Committee Hearing on House Joint Resolution 1, Representative Stewart made an insensitive statement about “legal slavery”, which can be read below:


“The lunatics in Portland took slavery out of the state constitution. And they did so because they wanted to make sure that you could no longer require people to go to court ordered counseling, court ordered drug treatment, court ordered community service, and arguably, how do you even lock somebody up if you're a child murderer in Oregon. And do the child murderers in Oregon now get to say, "Well, sorry warden, I don't want to wake up and make license plates today because that's slavery." 


HJR 1 undermines the core principles of our democracy and we MUST stand against it. 


We also demand an immediate formal apology from Representative Stewart for his comments on slavery and for his treatment of the people of Ohio. We deserve respect and recognition, and we will not tolerate being silenced or dismissed by our elected officials.

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