VIDEO: Executive Director Emily Cole Testifies Against HJR6

Watch as OFUPAC Executive Director Emily Cole testifies against HJR6 before the House Government Oversight Committee...

Action Alert: We Need Your Help to End Mandatory Bindover in Ohio

Every day, Ohio youth fall through the cracks in our juvenile justice system. Bindover is the process by which a juvenile court judge transfers a youth’s case to an adult court to be tried and sentenced as an adult. Here in Ohio, the practice of mandatory bindover still occurs today — where the court must transfer a child to adult court if certain criteria are met.

Statement on Issue 1

We stand tall this morning in the truth that we gave everything we had to stop the extremist oppression churning across our state.

The outcome isn’t what we’d hoped for. We know that many of our poor neighbors, families, and friends will face disproportionate justice and be penalized simply for having less than the wealthy who ushered State Issue 1 into our Constitution.

But we showed up. We did the work. 

Ohio Families United for Political Action and Change