We Did That - O22 2023

We came together yesterday in front of the barricaded statehouse steps to demand accountability for police brutality in Ohio.

Families spoke their truth for how Time is a Factor for their losses.

Organizers from a dozen organizations used the power of art in protest to highlight the 1,200 Ohioans who are no longer with us because of police brutality, leaving empty shoes behind that will never be filled.

And the community stood in solidarity, filling postcards with name after name of people who are no longer with us, and for whom no amount of justice will bring them back.

Time is a factor. And the time is now for us to come together to end police brutality in Ohio.

From fight on Issue 1 to curtailing voting rights in Ohio, Frank LaRose fears accountability

Ohio Families United demand access to the democratic process

COLUMBUS—OFUPAC, a statewide organization of families directly impacted by police violence, is finding the recent victory over Issue 1 hard to celebrate.

“We are disgusted by the recent assault on Ohio communities perpetuated by Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who has used police violence to further his extremist agenda,” said OFUPAC Executive Director Emily Cole. “Secretary LaRose found cause to scapegoat a wide range of issues Ohioans are concerned with during his attempt to curtail voting rights, access to citizen-initiated ballot issues, and other signals of the end of democracy in Ohio.”

OP-ED: Disrespectful, dishonest Brian Stewart owes apology to me and every other Ohioan

This op-ed by Executive Director Emily Cole appeared in the Columbus Dispatch on May 10, 2023 — click to read on dispatch.com.

Ohio State Rep. Brian Stewart (R- Ashville) is one of the leading bullies behind House Joint Resolution 1, which would undermine the sacred principle of "one person, one vote."

In short, House Joint Resolution 1 would require a 60% yes vote to pass a constitutional amendment, raising the threshold from 50% plus 1, as has been Ohio law since 1912. It is unnecessary, undemocratic, unfair, and unpopular.

Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change