OFUPAC Urges Ohioans - Don’t Be Fooled by Political Games, Vote No on Issue 1

COLUMBUS - Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change urges Ohioans to vote “no” on State Issue 1, an inhumane, partisan ploy to enshrine cash bail into the Ohio Constitution and remove the Supreme Court of Ohio from the bail-setting process. This measure will be on the statewide General Election ballot this November.

Say his name. Donovan Lewis

There are no words that will accurately describe the terror, heartbreak, and shock in our community as we grieve the murder of Donovan Lewis by Columbus Police Department. 

In the span of one heartbeat, the door to his bedroom was pushed open and he was unceremoniously shot, on his bed, as he woke up. The officer who murdered him didn’t even hesitate – in the space of one breath, executing Donovan – cold, calm, and detached. 

Make no mistake, police violence is gun violence. Not even two months after Akron Police Department lynched Jayland Walker and here we are with another Black man murdered in Ohio by a police officer. We do not allow for any citizen, let alone within an institution that claims to protect us to operate with impunity and hide behind a badge. 

Time and time again, it is very clear. Ohio is not safe for Black people. 

VIDEO: TikTok 101!

On Thursday, August 11th, we hosted a TikTok 101 training with special guest, Kathryn Poe, Public Policy & Communications Organizer of Equality Ohio! Whether you've been curious about TikTok and how to use the platform as part of your advocacy, or if you're just wondering what TikTok even is, this training is for you! We will start with the very basics of TikTok and cover some general best practices if you decide to create content on the platform. We are so excited to have Kathryn and hope you will join us!

If you missed it, or just want a recap, you can watch it here:

Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change