VIDEO: TikTok 101!

On Thursday, August 11th, we hosted a TikTok 101 training with special guest, Kathryn Poe, Public Policy & Communications Organizer of Equality Ohio! Whether you've been curious about TikTok and how to use the platform as part of your advocacy, or if you're just wondering what TikTok even is, this training is for you! We will start with the very basics of TikTok and cover some general best practices if you decide to create content on the platform. We are so excited to have Kathryn and hope you will join us!

If you missed it, or just want a recap, you can watch it here:

VIDEO: Policy Power Hour: Eliminate Mandatory Bindover in Juvenile Justice

On Thursday, July 28th, OFUPAC, along with the Juvenile Justice Coalition, Children's Law Center, and Office of the Ohio Public Defender took a deep dive into the juvenile justice system and the harm mandatory bindover causes to Ohio families. 

Check it out here: 

We Must End Qualified Immunity in Ohio

Whether we’re Black, white or brown; rich or poor; she, he or they; we as Ohioans value safe communities where our families can thrive. Our families deserve communities where we know our children are safe on the playground, our neighbors are safe at work and in their homes, and our caregivers and friends are safe in our businesses. 

Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change