OFUPAC strongly condemns the pro-gun legislation signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine yesterday

In response to the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012 that transpired on May 24th in Uvalde, Texas, OFUPAC and families across Ohio expect our elected officials to work to eradicate such shootings. Instead, Rep. Thomas Hall and Gov. Mike DeWine have pandered to the pro-gun fringe at the expense of our children's safety. 

It's time for policy, action, and change

Grief sits heavy today.

We grieve for the families in Uvalde, in Chicago, in Laguna Woods, in Buffalo, in Pittsburgh, in Columbia, in New York City, in Sacramento, in Portland. 

And these are just the mass shootings this year

Carry the Torch - Alicia Kirkman

Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change