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Brian Moody - Yet Another One of Our Kids Is Gone

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Jul 1

Yet another one of our kids is gone.

Early Saturday evening on June 29, members of the Dayton Police Department chased, shot down, and ultimately killed a teenager. The shooting occurred moments after they sped into the Negley Place neighborhood, where multiple young people were gathered outside. Families were present and outside all along the neighborhood streets.

Rather than invite the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to review the officers’ conduct, as is proper procedure following an officer-involved shooting in the community, the Dayton Police Department has asked close ally Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to review the incident, and has promised to conduct an internal investigation. The department released a heavily redacted clip of the incident. Chillingly, bystanders reported hearing one officer say to the child, “stop running, or I’ll shoot you.”

Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality, The FUDGE Foundation, Black Lives Matter Dayton, and OFUPAC have the following demands –

  1. BCI must be invited in to investigate the conduct of DPD both during the July 29 incident and following.

  2. Release the names of the officers who killed Brian Moody, a fifteen year old child.

  3. The full, unedited body camera footage be released immediately.

  4. Release the interrogation video of Brian’s brother in full.

The Dayton Police Department has already started crafting their narrative, stating there was “allegedly” a gun and took to social media on Sunday afternoon to post the alleged weapon. Not only are they immediately trying to villainize fifteen year old Brian Moody, they further called in the Montgomery County Sheriff Dept. to investigate the shooting rather than the administrative office dedicated to handling these investigations.

We need your help. Sign the petition demanding that the Montgomery County Sheriff's office turns over the investigation to the BCI. We also demand the release of the full body camera footage, not the edited version that was released earlier. We also demand that they release the names of the officers involved in the shooting. Lastly, we demand that they release the interrogation video of Brian’s brother in full.

For far too long, officers have been able to act as the judge, jury, and executioner, while having their identity shielded. Enough is enough; we want justice, we want accountability, and we want it now! Enough is enough; we want justice, we want accountability, and we want it now!

Sign the petition here!

To support the family directly, PLEASE give to their gofundme.

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