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We Deserve Better Than Police for Mental Health Crises

2 min read

May 20

Montgomery County ADAMHS leadership squandering $21.4 million tax payer dollars on a for-profit scam instead of investing in the non-profit resources that already existed in our community (CrisisCare) to improve and expand their services! Now they are trying to move on to another contract without consulting the community yet again! Send a letter today.

Preview Below:

"I am writing to you today with a huge concern regarding the recent actions and the mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. As a member of the community, we entrust Montgomery County ADAMHS with the task of allocating resources to vital organizations and/or resources that support mental health services. However, recent news has brought light to a misuse of funds.

21.4 million dollars of taxpayer money has been wasted on a for-profit scam, rather than being invested in existing organizations and/or resources such as CrisisCare, which previously served our community, without ever being fully funded nor having appropriate oversight. This misallocation of funds not only represents a gross betrayal of trust but also will increase the incarceration of people with mental illness causing unnecessary risk of continued trauma and/or death to people in crises as well as significant continued cost to taxpayers.

Furthermore, the lack of transparency and community discussion in these decisions is unacceptable. It is the responsibility of the Montgomery County ADAMHS Board of Trustees to ensure that decisions regarding the allocation of public funds are made with the input and best interests of the community at heart. Yet, the Montgomery County ADAMHS Board leadership is still attempting to move forward with another contract without consulting the community which further worsens trust.

Therefore, I urge you to take immediate action to address these issues. Specifically, I call upon the Board of Trustees to:

  1. Reallocate the misappropriated funds to support existing resources like the numerous Community Mental Health Agencies in Montgomery County, to ensure that the promise of a non-police Mental Health Crisis response is fulfilled under appropriate leadership.

  2. Implement measures to increase transparency and community involvement in decision-making processes going forward before entering into any future contracts.

  3. Allow community input on new leadership to replace existing Montgomery County ADAMHS Board leadership as they have proven themselves incompetent.

As members of the community, we demand nothing less than full transparency, accountability, and responsible management of taxpayer dollars from our officials. The upcoming public meetings present an opportunity for the Montgomery County ADAMHS Board of Trustees to demonstrate its commitment to these principles and regain the trust of the community.

I urge you to listen to the voices of the community and take action to address these urgent concerns."

2 min read

May 20

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