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We Must End Qualified Immunity in Ohio

2 min read

Jul 1, 2022

Whether we’re Black, white or brown; rich or poor; she, he or they; we as Ohioans value safe communities where our families can thrive. Our families deserve communities where we know our children are safe on the playground, our neighbors are safe at work and in their homes, and our caregivers and friends are safe in our businesses. 

This Independence Day weekend, we grieve with the stark reminder that some of our neighbors are still persecuted for their race, their wealth, or their gender. 

Until we are safe walking, running, or driving in our neighborhoods, we are not free.

Until we are safe to shop to feed our families, we are not free.

Until we are safe to decide what to do with our bodies, we are not free.

Only through accountability can we build safe communities where no matter your race, your identity, or your abilities, you can thrive.

Where even our littlest neighbors are safe in who they are to grow into who they will be. 

Yet that is not the Ohio we have today. Today, our neighbors are executed for their race, persecuted for their identity, traumatized for their experiences, and oppressed by some of those among us who have sworn to protect them. This is not a place where Ohio families can thrive, when some among us are at risk to survive.

This is not the world we as Ohioans want to live in. 

This is not the community we as Ohioans want to build.

We need true accountability when we are hurt by police. 

We need true justice — because nothing will bring our families peace. 

We need to end qualified immunity for police officers now. 

In the name of Jayland Walker. Of Jamarco McShann. Of Henry Green V. Of Mohammad Isaifan. Of Deaunte Bell. Of Andre Hill. Of Michael Tuck. Of Angelo Miller. Of Mark Myles. Of Kevin Valentine. Of Isaiah Robinson. Of Desmond Franklin. Of Jaron Thomas. Of Daunte Martin. Of Craig Bickerstaff. And that’s just a few of our children, our spouses, our families, and our friends, who have been murdered by police brutality in Ohio. 

The fact is — there is not a thing we can do until we end qualified immunity. 

Ending qualified immunity in Ohio now makes our communities more safe. 

Ending qualified immunity in Ohio now gives our families a chance when an officer hurts them. 

Ending qualified immunity in Ohio now let's all peace officers know - you will be held accountable for your actions. 

Ending qualified immunity in Ohio now is a small but mighty step towards true liberation from police brutality.

So we’re calling on YOU — our families, our friends, and our neighbors, to stand with us, hand in hand, and raise your voices with us as we hold the police who kill us accountable. 

We need you with us to end qualified immunity in Ohio, so we can build communities where all of us — Black, white, or brown; she, he, or they; rich or poor — have safe spaces and places where we can all thrive.

2 min read

Jul 1, 2022

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